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Sunz Of Man - We Can't Be Touched

Текст песни Sunz Of Man - We Can't Be Touched, без регистраций и смс. Авторские права на слова песни принадлежат авторам и выложены только для ознакомления.

featuring Makeba Mooncycle 

[Hell Razah] 
9 7  grab your righteous thougts 
And get rid of em  its the 5 Deadly Venomz 
Grab your righteous thoughts and get rid of em 
Its the 5 Deadly Venomz 
Grab your righteous thoughts and get rid of em 
Its the 5 Deadly Venomz  yo 

Chorus: Hell Razah (4x) 

Aint nuthin new about the Sunz of Man 
We cant be Tony Touched 
You either build or destruct us 

[Killah Priest] 
Near em Tony Touch, I grab MC`s within my clutch 
And crush, I wip my hand while oppenents stand off 
And look sad and worthy, bloodthirsty 
No mercy, I kill em while they curse me 
And damn po-9 to search me, dont get me started 
I flip retarded and start chokin artists 
And leave they kidz broken harded 
I`m fatherless, I`m too marvaless 
Why would you bother this 
I squeeze you neck til the saliva drip 
So tight, I bite off my bottom lip 
Until your head pop and your soul leave 
Whoeva told you I was holy, I`m Killah Priest 

[Makeba Mooncycle] 
Eliminate my competition like a Shogun 
So bad, I have you switchin colors like Michael Jackson 
Represent from Crown Heights to Bedstuy 
You either do, you either die, while your tryin to survive 
All these street lyrics are like Psalm 
So, Brklyn maniacs remain calm 
So, come get some from Park Place to Putnam 
We hold shit down like Franklin Av 
You get shot, gaged and stabbed, buyin gunz from the arabs 
Ah, Makeba a true bitch beata 
Gotcha hot like a heata, when its pumpin out ya tweatas 
Flippin American`s like Nazi Arena 
>From Gracia to Aruba, behind the Sunz of Man, you see Moncycle 

[Prodigal Sunn] 
4th Disciple, what, blazin like a rifle 

[Hell Razah] 
I see too many wannabes be livin comfortably 
Southern, comfort me, whats the reason why you front to be 
Sumthin like it only took you months to be 
Personnaly, I take your mentality to Mercury 
Bring you back to Earth to see, the same ol 
Check the Sunz of Man lingo, we got for minutes, defendants 
Wack students get suspended, shoot you down with a sentence 
As you back for repentance, Sunz of Man cant be Tony Touched 
Dreddy roll the dutch, crunch berries in my cup 
Bitches stress to test my lust, quick, you bustin guns on us 
We move crowds like clouds, lightnin struck whoeva sucks 
Some claim to be Allah`s, they force gods 
Sellin out for cars, tellin lies to the stars 
Why you front at clubs and bars, we be in tune with Mobb`s 
Royal Fam, United Kingdom, now expand, got to war like the Pakistans 
Been fightin devils since the sonagrams 
Now its, programs on my avenues, satin out to master you 
Live daily masker you 

[Prodigal Sunn] 
Yo, in these dark days of Vietnam 
Death is a pawn, thats word iz bond 
Sound the alarm, we surround calm 
Bury arms, spark a mega-charm 
Rockin charms, true and livin Islam 
My supreme wisdom becoms a realistic sitcom 
On the grounds of Brklyn, sent you walkin thru the Crklyn 
So, until then I make ends meet, war with the beast 
In the streets of heat, movin is weak, formation concrete 
Medina slodier, mathematical, alphabetical 
Quoted an intelligent sire, contain the element of fire 
Mental ignita, who said the student bout the lighta 
As it was written, bitten in the book of Objia 
Shower soldiers, sold for papaya 
Original soul writter, the golden fighter 
Swift, clever like the tiger 
So, on the contrary, you can get bloody like Mary 
Head flown, like a tooth fairy, crushed like some berries 

(Chorus: 3x) 

[Hell Razah] 
Black Rose Family, Gray Rose, Touny Touch, what 
Tru Masta, yea, what, 4th Disciple, Killah Priest 
Prodigal Sunn, Hell Razah, 60 Sec., what 
7th Ambassador, what 


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