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Sunz Of Man - Natural High

Текст песни Sunz Of Man - Natural High, без регистраций и смс. Авторские права на слова песни принадлежат авторам и выложены только для ознакомления.

featuring Trebag 

[Intro: Killah Priest] 
In the Beginning  no different from the ending 
It`s the Killah Priest  Iron Sheik from the middle east 
Lacing it Sunz Of Man  you know what Im sayin 
Big Moe up in the house 
Ty G and Dreddy Kruger representin 

[Chorus x2: Trebag  (Hell Razah)] 
We make that music  that moves your body (natural high  natural high) 
We make that music  that moves your body (natural high, natural high) 
We got the fire, that gets you higher (natural high, natural high) 
We got the fire, that gets you higher (natural high, natural high) 

[Killah Priest] 
Roamin in the 4-runner all summer 
Laid back, state maps and 8-tracks 
Its great that, I laugh at competition 
I`m champion nigga, I can`t be sunned 
Check the royal posture, by the way where`s my oscar 
Crack your legs like a lobster, break your arms 
Beat you to death, snap your neck 
Crack your chest, lay you to rest 
Then confess, I judge wisely 
All spys, tryin to size me 
If you phony, I leave you lonely with your 
Sony headphones, layin stiff in the dead zone 

[Hell Razah] 
In the dead zone they lay, King Nostradamos 
With Golden Armless, teachin hartlets 
That be strippin for they garments 
Searchin for a broken promise, regardless though 
You godless, still feed you full for your conscience 
Red Ant now launch this, rockets 
>From where her projects, come to street 
Profit a Lisha, to fish ya, roll wit a militia 
Mr. Military, now, roll with a team of Jim Kelly`s 
Send my hoes to your telly 
Sprayin holes through your belly, you ain`t ready 
For the deadly, gently MC`s 
There ain`t a school boy to test me 
East coast to wesley strite 
Those who stress me, we streit 
Fuck you with the fight, fight, fight, fight 


[Prodigal Sunn] 
A young king at the age of 15, caught up in things 
The golden scorpio, sportin material diamond rings 
Physical, historical, mystical, shinin, crystal-like 
Stackin, packin pistols, FA and they brought the crystal meth 
To Crown heights, where the fiends get high 
Cross Atlantic avenue, bone down through the Sty 
What we do or die unite the kingdom 
Multiply, I sick of seein his mother`s cry 
It`s time to purify 

Like an Alaskan breeze, I blow through your april`s 
stuck to your mentals like thumb-tacks and staples 
Been to temples, learned egyptian time-tables 
My trade marks on labels and biblic-oohs from mavels 
give life to trapped ex-cons and expedites 
You can`t escape my prison, I`ma livin Israelite 
Killin more trabatites and build my paradise 
Green grass grows, the white house is wiped out 
Keep your red meat, I`ll be fishin for trout 
That means I`m the mouse, I`ll figure my way out 
pinky and the brain had to find another house 
Wherabouts, go walk and frolic in the forest 
Next time you lie, think about bein honest 
I bomb this 

[Hell Razah] 
We kill with calmness, words come forth like a savior 
A wicked man`s heaven is the hell for the Razah 
Raised up in Brooklyn, two decades of meetin slaves 
from Grenada to the grave, from the cradle to the cage 
State-pens be like play-pens, the government in-slavin 
Inside a science project with no escapin, unless 
they die for us, you for the cream so you lie for us 
While other thieves already spy for it 
I watch snake eyes everywhere around me 
Devils try to drown me in the water and the town built for slaughter 
without order you got chaos, player haters 
who play us, death-bed layers, who forgot to pay us, now they 
covered up with layers, it`s too deep for you rap duplicators 
who`s packs be betrayers 

[Chorus to fade]

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