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Sunz Of Man - No Love Without Hate

Текст песни Sunz Of Man - No Love Without Hate, без регистраций и смс. Авторские права на слова песни принадлежат авторам и выложены только для ознакомления.

[Chorus (x2): Hell Razah] 
It ain`t no love without hate 
It ain`t no peace without war 
Ain`t no madness without the sadness 
So  tell me  where`s the love  peace and happiness? 

[Prodigal Sunn] 
17 days of confusion  jostled in the wounds of evil 
My lively technicallity wins a race  based on reality 
See  day and night is still a revolutionary war 
Corruption  Franklin Av  bullets war thru your staff 
I`m a side of a nation, risin without frustration 
I`m caged in the belly of the beast, mind`s trapped in prison 
A daily penitentiary, witness and tragedy 
Sankes take after the murder rates and heart aches 
Death stalks, bodies collide with the sidewalk 
The young are triffel, true and lovin like a psycho 
Visions of Heaven and Hell seen thru te eyes of 4th Disciple 

[Hell Razah] 
My arrival to this planet, I was entitled to be physically stranded 
Mentally free now, this be the sound, I travel 
Unravel, you babble, my head is the castle 
Mind is the King, swords be the words 
When I swing, attack you, like a guillotine that`s trapped you 
Pass thru the Heavenly atmosphere, where I stare 
Those who fear the truth interfere with lies 
Our black nation must rise, worldwide like the 3rd eye 
I be the law breaker, life or death maker, Haven Razah 
Traitor, eliminator, wicked disintegrator, lyrical earth quaker 
Absorb me, shinin light is mandatory 
I`ve got knowledge of my self, explanatory 
Of course we be the Sunz of Man, deeper than quick sand 
Expand like gases on our masses of our land 

[Chorus (x2)] 

[Killah Priest] 
As the world turns, I starve and burn, the pure child 
Livin out of now, took a vow, became wise as an owl 
Sent to guide the crowd, so let me go 
and run this never-endin marathon from out babylon 
But in disgrace, I`m movin at a slow pace 
Gazin at the worldly things like a showcase 
A trife names, like a dice game, can`t roll an ace 
I stack dice, my first sacrifice was the corrupt life 
Since birth my old Earth erupted twice 
Now she`s up nights, while I`m downtown in Crown Heights 
with the clowns that puff pipes, kids scuffed up in fights 
Amongst thieves like Christ, Killah Priest, the black judite 

[60 Sec. Assassin] 
First thought is the shit be whole apocalypse 
Swordsmanship, the gift, unidentified flyin objects 
Foggy like mist and trip 6 mounds in 5 sips 
Radiatin to represent, takin over the world`s testaments 
The revolutionist, brainstorm, evolutionist 
You`ve been comin off the punitive wars 
Time to break laws, break off cubics like rubics 
Then separate thru Chaka Khan movements with strikes of a buddhist 
Snatch this life, I save it, produce it 
Quick swift to lose it, if you don`t lose it, you lose it dime 
Difficult bread, inner serpents, superintendants like juddhists 
Behold the 60 Sec. talk, a/k/a the Assassinator 
Hold the vital smoke and that`s all 

[Chorus (x3)]

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