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Zita Swoon - The Bananaqueen

Текст песни Zita Swoon - The Bananaqueen, без регистраций и смс. Авторские права на слова песни принадлежат авторам и выложены только для ознакомления.

Man I drove down to Ghent in my underwear
I went looking for some new
funny clothes to wear
I was feeling strange
I`d say a little deranged

So I walk on in this funky place
Just to see what kinda groove
that I could trace
I saw here face
And her elegant taste

Dancing to a disco was the bananaqueen
Thouroughly surrounded by here royal
I was amazed
She put a smile on my face

She said:
Hey man
You shouln`t be worried
About the good or the bad or all them stories
Just a slowly poinit your life
in the right direction
And live it up to the max ofo true statisfaction

I said:
My life is OK

Maybe she was French
Maybe African or German
But it didn`t really matter to the people
that were turning
To the left to the right
The way they moved was out of sight
Man I had to get busy giving everything

She had an afroceltic fire and a philosofic trill
She had de muscles of a giant
with a delicate skill
She had the softness of a mama
And the kindness of a granny
She was yelling like Brown James Joyce
Donkey Daddy

Now you may think the queen 
was ome doctrinial fool
Or like a monkey
doing tricks around a touristic crew
I`d say a
This here character was nothing like that
I think the forces of this planet
all were bund in this cat

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