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A Global Threat - My Neighbors

A Global Threat - Religious Scam

A Global Threat - Smoke Up Your Ass

A Global Threat - Stop The Violence

A Global Threat - Sucks To The Political

A Global Threat - The Kids Will Revolt

A Global Threat - The Power

A Global Threat - The Proles

A Global Threat - The Way It Is

A Global Threat - This Town

A Global Threat - We're All Equal In The End

A Guy Called Gerald - Alien Report

A Guy Called Gerald - Beaches and Deserts

A Guy Called Gerald - Could you understand

A Guy Called Gerald - Fever (or a Flame)

A Guy Called Gerald - Glow

A Guy Called Gerald - Humanity

A Guy Called Gerald - Hurry to Go Easy

A Guy Called Gerald - I Make It You Take It

A Guy Called Gerald - Landed

A Guy Called Gerald - Multiplies

A Guy Called Gerald - Scale Circle

A Guy Called Gerald - The Universe

A Guy Called Gerald - Universal Spirit

A Kay BJ - Love Reaction

A Kiss To Build A Dream On - Satchmo

A Klana Indiana - A klana Indiana

A Klana Indiana - Uiii is des bled !

A Klana Indiana - Uiii tuat des weh

A Klana Indiana - Zicke Zacke -Tommahacke

A Knight's Tale - Crazy On You

A Knight's Tale - Eye Conqueror

A Knight's Tale - Get Ready

A Knight's Tale - Golden Years

A Knight's Tale - I Want To Take You Higher

A Knight's Tale - Low Rider

A Knight's Tale - Takin' Care Of Business

A Knight's Tale - The Boys Are Back In Town

A Knight's Tale - We Are The Champions

A Knight's Tale - We Will Rock You

A la Carte - Ahe Tamoure

A la Carte - Do Wah Diddy Diddy

A la Carte - Have You Forgotten

A la Carte - In The Summer Sun Of Greece

A la Carte - River Blue

A la Carte - Viva Torero

A la Carte - You Get Me On The Rund

A New Found Glory - (Everything I Do) I Do It For You

A New Found Glory - 2's And 3's

A New Found Glory - 3rd And Long