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T.I. - I'm Serious

Текст песни T.I. - I'm Serious, без регистраций и смс. Авторские права на слова песни принадлежат авторам и выложены только для ознакомления.

Ay take a good look at me - Now picture me unhappy
No cash and outta fashion, not flashin
Picture me doin bad even if I wasn`t rappin
Picture me even breathe on the mic not snappin
I`m fire hot not lukewarm, my arms frozen
Picture me in a room full of hoes unchosen
Picture me with no P.O. and no `dro
Picture pimps walk with some broads and ain`t gettin no `tho
L.A. gone and I ain`t gotta deal no mo` (Picture that)
A ghetto vision ain`t real no mo` (Picture that)
Ah T.I.P. ain`t work for MIA no mo`
He still so-so (picture that) he still po`
Nigga picture that, ah matta fact picture T.I.P.
Gettin anything other than rich
Now can you picture this, young, pompus, African son of a bitch
Labelled as anything less than "the shit", I can`t see it

[Chorus - Beenie Man]
Dis bad man you get shot, anyways
Bad man nuh tek back chat, no day
Jamaican bad bwoy seh dat zigga, zigga
We always gonna stay `pon top always
Dis bad man you get shot, anyways
Bad man nuh tek back chat no day
Jamaican bad bwoy seh dat zigga, zigga
We always gonna stay `pon top, always

Pull up in a blue coupe that`s damn near clear
And Polo gear that won`t drop `til next year
Be like this here, Cardier frames and ?Peigier? wristwear
T.I.P. your majesty`s right c`here
Notice when I came the dames disappeared, ya lames listen here
To play me, ba-by, hey he,
gone need a track from God featuring Jesus or Jay-Z
Go on floss; ball where it cost
Smile for the cameras, take your shirts off
Y`all niggas actin, take ya skirts off
Hoppin bomb-ass nigga and he ain`t wanna work boss
I`m gettin sick and tired off these phony rendetions
Wonder why I don`t consider them no competition
There`s no vision - lil` ambition
How I feel about these niggas, and my word, are ya kiddin?


Some niggas wonder what my goal is
They think it`s goin gold havin hoes sweatin me
Fuck that, I`m in it for the longevity
Picture me as one of the greatest that`ll ever be
Compare me to, Tupac, B.I.G., and Jay-Z
Work with legends like, Organo, I.Z., and J.D.
Neptunes, they even flow on one of Dre`s beats
Fly to Miami, chill with Luke and we can trade freaks
I freak shows, just peep hoes under shade trees
Huh, but KP say just keep it top-notch
And make sure that the club is jumpin like it`s hop-scotch
Floss rocks and in the summer keep the top dropped
Ten thousand dolla work for clo`, when I go shop
In the Apollo on them `boes so the hoes jock
Especially when I rock that linen suit with no socks
In Polo skippers, they undo zippers,
and they shows cock, to show shot shit
Bitch, I`m serious


[Beenie Man]
Well it`s a Neptunes sound (ha-ha-ha-ha-ha)
Zagga-zagga-za, na-na-na-na-na (T.I.P.)
Whoa na-na-na-na (Beenie Man)
(Zagga-za-za-za, Oh we dat shit)
An a ziggi-ziggi-zagga (Bad man sittin)
Straight from Jamaica (Alright lemme give this to ya)
Alright lemme tell them somethin (See it`s goin down)

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