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T Love - Return Of The B Girl

Текст песни T Love - Return Of The B Girl, без регистраций и смс. Авторские права на слова песни принадлежат авторам и выложены только для ознакомления.

featuring Kool Keith 

[Kool Keith] 
Yeah whassup T Love 
A lot of brothers be freestylin (right) 
Blowin smoke at your clothes 
Girls be out there with  weaves with 
glue in they scalps  tryin to get loose 
But it`s time to drop gooses! (true dat) 

`T  hit it off!` 

[T Love] 
There`s a lot of girls rhymin on the mic with no direction 
Don`t know why they flexin  forgot rules and lessons 
The essence: beats and rhymes and shit 
I`m about to show these bitches that I`ll die for this 
With more than the skills to pay the bills at ?, I rock it 
Nobody knows my name, at least I`m hittin pocket 
It`s been a while.. `been-been-a, been-a, been a long time` -> Ra 
Yeah, it`s been a long time since B-Girls got down 
Now I be, mannered like Janet, Jack-me when I`m not lookin 
Cause iffin I`m lookin, then you get YO` shit tooken 
A hundred degrees of heat, under emcees who sleep-walkin 
in some bibles since the age of three 
See I be a rap editor, rhymer et cetera 
to the letter or competitor, not in it for the cheddar 
A calligraphist, envisionist 
Yeah it`s been a long time but I`m back to make a diff` 

Chorus: Kool Keith 

That girl is wack.. That kid is wack.. 
That producer`s wack.. Your whole family`s wack.. 
`So wack that it`s bound to show` 

[Kool Keith] 
I`m systematic, graphic, outspoken, master past a certain MC 
Abilities of enemies, construct nine million quitrillion 
makes a brother brilliant, strong like Einstein 
I find the underlying, words with verbs herb 
Make me famous when I pull up on your anus 
It`s disaster for the tri-state actor, in a circle like Urkel 
Yo T-Love, these assholes are dirt specks on my rugs 
Smokin blunts with stomach pumps 
Pick up the mic, your crew`ll only rhyme once 
For the budget, 70,000 Monopoly money 
With a wack producer, usin Sonny Spitz 
You on that `Keep it Real` list, you`re broke 
You`re name is Captain Provoke, better know you ain`t 
never eatin Tony Rhomes, files of culture I`m still dope 
even not with Ultra -- back you saved this from Casio samples 
I`m raw like green apples 
Fly smooth, I ain`t got nuttin to prove 
Your album has been out for forever 
You didn`t even go plether 
Plastic was your quota, Mr. Spiritual Philosopher 
Prepare for your release for foul speech 
You weak, like Cream of Wheat 
I step to you and blow out assholes like Miami Heat 
Yo, take off those boots, it`s ninety-five degrees out here 
It`s fuckin hot 

`So wack that it`s bound to show` 


Return of the B-Girl promises 
nothing less, than spectacular, with vernacular 
Peep how T mackin the verb 
like hoes strollin, on Pharoah, I`m givin you the narrow 
The L-Down, I mean the skinny, this Pickaninny 
went to rock battle, while she rides up to Denny`s 
Nah I ain`t really tryin to diss nobody 
But old school B-Girls swore in the Goddess 
In studded Gazelles, they did windmills 
West had on the Pumas, East had on the Shells 
Rock the Bells sell prevailed by L`s lips 
Serious about the type of styles we flipped 
We get closer to millenium, B-Girls dwindlin 
You don`t have to stress because `I`m, comin!` 
It`s been a long time, I shouldn`t have left you 
Sorry for the wack shit you slept through 

Chorus 2X 

[Kool Keith] 
Yeah, it`s return of the B-Girl 
T-Love in the house for the nine-seven 
Pullin all, glue off wigs 
That`s right, damagin skulls 
That`s right it`s all beauty parlor skills 
That`s right 
Touchin up on the weaves and cuttin ends off

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