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R Kelly - Get Up On A Room

Текст песни R Kelly - Get Up On A Room, без регистраций и смс. Авторские права на слова песни принадлежат авторам и выложены только для ознакомления.

baby  we both just sittin` here 
we need to go somewhere private  just you and me  listen 
it`s the middle of the night we`re both just sittin` here 
I`m checking out your body  hot shorts and tanks you wear 
make me wanna do something  freaky to you my baby 
gotta let me know something  `cause I need to know right here 
we need to get some where  ( yeah ) we can both be alone ( alone) 
somebodys at my crib  ( thats right ) you got folks at home 
So can we...get up on a ... 
Can we get up on a room ( get up on a room ) 
baby just me and you ( baby me and you ) 
I`ll go there on you, ( repeat) 
If we get up on this room ( on a room ) 
Bubble bath , you and me chillin in the tub babe 
i`m gonna wash your body babe and your gonna wash my body babe 
(gonna wash my body ) 
all i wanna do is drive u crazy ( yeah baby drive u crazy ) 
Baby, ooh break it down 
Break it down break it down break it down break it down ( 3x`z) 
Throw your underwear on the wall 
whose the greatest lover of them all? 
who makes your love come down like waterfalls 
i thought u knew come on baby lets do this 
( repeat chorus throughout ) 
You and me chillin` on the 55th floor 
right before we bump we put the sign outside the door 
the more we going up and down the more we wanting more 
it`s getting hot in this car, so what the hell we wainting for,can we, 
can we get up on can we get up on a room (3x) 
you don`t have to go far, to get a piece of me 
you wait in the car, while i go get the keys 
double lock the door, for complete privacy 
no room service cause u will be the feast 
we`ll cuddle up with each other , and i`ll go there on this chair 
yodle-eh-oooh ( repeat)

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