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Eightball - Time

Текст песни Eightball - Time, без регистраций и смс. Авторские права на слова песни принадлежат авторам и выложены только для ознакомления.

3 kids started off being friends to the end 
Growing up in a time that turned boys to men 
Carlo was the slick one  the little girls liked him 
And all the little niggaz in the hood  wanted to fight him 
But Carlo  main nigga James wasn`t having that 
James had boxing game and left niggaz laying flat 
All of us 12 or 13 at the time 
Drinking cheap wine  and smokin` brown bag dimes 
I was into writing rhyme in class at school 
Waitin` for the bell to ring so we can go and shoot pool 
One day, some up the block niggaz came talking shit 
Bragin` on they clique, and how many crews they click with 
Tryin` to start some extra clip shit, them niggaz so for real 
James so cool to get with fucked his whole grill 
Carlo, that slick nigga pulled a 22 
They got some heat too, what the fuck we gonna do? 
Bust and hit the backdoor, now we in the alleyway 
Running, heart pumpin` fast tryin` to see another day 
Blessed to escape the mayhem 
Time and time again, we escaped the mayhem 
Yo, whats been goin` on dogg? 
Man, that shit goin` down dogg 
what`s goin` down with you? 
I done heard you got rich huh? 
You don`t fuck around with us in the hood no more huh? 
You know it`s funny how shit changes, right? 
How life can loosen up a friendship that`s so tight 
Years after all the horseplay and misdemeanor crimes 
Us being homeboys, didn`t seem so fine 
Years of just fuckin` around, rappin` in the neighborhood 
Found me with a gold album, tryin` to live my life good 
Carlo got popped with 8 keys in a minivan 
Somewhere in Tex, Arcan, doin` about a hundred man 
That nigga James, straight cutthroat on them snouts 
Robbin` dope boys, gettin` what the fuck he want 
The game changed, now you gotta play with death 
Now I have to ask myself 
Do you remember your childhood, back when 
You didn`t have to have loot, to have friends 
Now it`s all about your benjamins, your cash flow 
And if a nigga fuck with that, he better know 
Time changed everything, between us 
And if I see you in the streets, I gotta bust 
You used to be a friend to me, one I could trust 
Now if you see me in the streets, you better bust 
One day, I`m on my way to the studio, ya dig? 
Pick up a zip of hay, after I drop off my kids 
Flippin` through the hood, seen James with his little crew 
Blue rags up, in a drop top Malibu 
Bloodshot eyes, I could smell the dip burnin` 
Bumpin` DJ Squeeky, flashin` what the earnin` 
He asked about Carlo, well what can I say? 
I write him when I get a chance, but I pray for him everyday 
Lookin` at my ride, tellin` me nigga you comin` up 
Fuckin` with that rappin` stuff, I guess you just forgot about us 
Nah cat, it ain`t like that 
I gotta eat, that`s when James clicked and pulled out his fuckin` heat 
I hit the gas, he kept bustin` till the clip was empty 
17 shots, and didn`t nothin hot nip me 
Quickly, grabbed my shit and opened it up wide 
The nigga on the passenger side instantly died 
James bailed, I gave chase, fuck the consequence 
If I let him live, he`ll start another incident 
12 years ago, I never thought I`d see the day 
Shit would ever be this way 

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