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Allure - No Question

Текст песни Allure - No Question, без регистраций и смс. Авторские права на слова песни принадлежат авторам и выложены только для ознакомления.

[LL Cool J] 
Concentrate, listen to me, while you do me 
Should I surrender when you pursue me 
You think a man don`t have heart and soul 
When a hand`s that good, anybody will fold 
It`s like poetry in motion 
But the heart regulates the devotion 
Love is floatin` in a sky blue ocean 
Think about it 
Feel the motion, young queen 
It reminds me of a smoothed out movie scene 
Two bodies intertwined on the screen 
Everybody makes love in their dreams 
But this is real, know what I mean 
Passion is the way of the world 
Electricity when boy meets girl 
And making love is the key 
A burning flame that will last eternally 

You should know that I`m here for you 
As long as you see me through 
I would give all I have just to be with you 
Don`t you see honey it could be me and you 

1 - I really look forward to being with you 
When you`re not around I don`t know what to do 
You give me a feeling that I can`t control 
You take my heart and soul 

2 - Never question what I do 
Cause you need me baby and I need you 
So there`s no need for ya to have no fears 
Without a doubt I will be here 

Now I know what I want to do 
Everything`s all right as long as I`m with you 
Oh, don`t you understand I don`t want to be alone 
Baby don`t you know 

Repeat 1 
Repeat 2 (2x) 

Never question 
(You should never question) 
Cause you need me baby 
(Yeah boy) 
So there`s no need for ya 
Without a doubt I will be here 

Repeat 2 fade

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