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Al Dexter - Pistol Packin' Mama

Текст песни Al Dexter - Pistol Packin' Mama, без регистраций и смс. Авторские права на слова песни принадлежат авторам и выложены только для ознакомления.

Drinking beer in a cabaret and was I having fun
Until one night she caught me right
and now I`m on the run.


Lay that pistol down, babe - lay that pistol down
Pistol Packin` Mama, lay that pistol down.

She kicked out my windshield - she hit me over the head
She cussed and cried and said I`d lied 
and wished that I was dead.


Drinking beer in a cabaret and dancin` with a blond
Until one night she shot out the light - Bang!
that blond was gone.


I`ll see you ev`ry night, babe - I`ll woo you ev`ry day
I`ll be your regular daddy - if you`ll put that gun away.


Now I went home this morning - the clock was tickin` four
Gun in her hand, says `You`re my man, but I don`t need you no more.`


Now there was old Al Dexter - he always had his fun
But with some lead, she shot him dead - his honkin` days are done.


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