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Tamia - Falling For You

Tamia - Go

Tamia - Gotta Move On

Tamia - If I Were You

Tamia - Imagination

Tamia - Interlude

Tamia - Is That You

Tamia - Long Distance Love

Tamia - Love Me In A Special Way

Tamia - Loving You Still

Tamia - Never Gonna Let You Go

Tamia - Questions

Tamia - Rain On Me

Tamia - Show Me Love

Tamia - So Into You

Tamia - Still

Tamia - Stranger In My House

Tamia - Tell Me Who

Tamia - This Is How It Goes

Tamia - This Time It's Love

Tamia F/ Jermaine Dupri - Stranger In My House (So So Def Remix)

Tammany Hall NYC - Cindy

Tammy Cochran - Angels In Waiting

Tammy Cochran - Better Off Broken

Tammy Cochran - Going Going Gone

Tammy Cochran - I Cry

Tammy Cochran - If You Can

Tammy Cochran - Say Goodbye

Tammy Cochran - So What

Tammy Cochran - That Ain't Right

Tammy Cochran - What I Learned From Loving You

Tammy Cochran - When Love Was Enough

Tammy Wynette - (We're Not) The Jet Set

Tammy Wynette - A Pair Of Old Sneakers

Tammy Wynette - God's Gonna Get 'Cha (For That)

Tammy Wynette - Golden Ring

Tammy Wynette - Keep The Change

Tammy Wynette - Let's Build A World Together

Tammy Wynette - Near You

Tammy Wynette - Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms

Tammy Wynette - Something To Brag About

Tammy Wynette - Southern California

Tammy Wynette - Stand by your man

Tammy Wynette - Take Me

Tammy Wynette - The Ceremony

Tammy Wynette - There's Power In Our Love

Tammy Wynette - Two Story House

Tammy Wynette - We Loved It Away

Tammy Wynette - We're Gonna Hold On

Tamperer - If You Buy This Record (Your Life Will Be Better)